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Application for Driveway Permit

  1. Permit Information

  2. Type of Permit

  3. To: Planning Office, 100 Winnacunnet Road, Hampton, New Hampshire

  4. Pursuant to Revised Statutes Annotated 236:13, permission is requested to construct a certain number of driveway entrance(s) to property on a certain side of a road/avenue/street/lane in the Town of Hampton which will meet the requirements for safety specified by the Town.

  5. The named contractor has been hired to perform the work and will be responsible for the construction of said driveway in conformance with the plans and requirements on this permit.

  6. As a landowner applicant, I hereby agree to the following:

    1. To construct driveway entrance(s) at the permitted location in accordance with applicable state statutes, Town of Hampton Driveway Regulations and the drawings for driveway entrances as part of this permit.
    2. To hold harmless the Town of Hampton and its duly appointed agents and employees against any action for personal injury and/or property damage sustained by reason of the exercise of this permit.
    3. To furnish and install drainage structures that are necessary to maintain existing highway drainage and adequately handle runoff resulting from development.
    4. To acknowledge that it is the homeowner’s responsibility to maintain all driveway improvements within the Town’s right-of-way.
    5.To post or cause to have posted a performance bond in the amount of $500.00 to guarantee construction of said driveway in compliance with the terms and conditions of the permit and to convey and damages that may occur to Town property as a result of construction associated with development on the parcel. Certificate of such bond, (minimum $500.00) shall be on file with the Town(may be posted by owner or contractor) and in effect throughout completion and inspection of work. A permit and bond shall be required of any new driveway construction, modification, paving or repaving.
    6. A plan shall be attached showing the proposed construction including drainage structures with dimensions in detail of the proposed work.
    7.No work will begin until such permit is issued. The permit may take up to 72 hours to be issued.

    Failure to adhere to the provisions of this application and permit shall render this permit null and void and the Town is hereby empowered to utilize the performance bond monies to correct any deficiency.

  7. The signature of the contractor is required if he/she is posting the bond, to signify acceptance of all terms of the permit.

  8. Names & Addresses of Abutters

    (Directly across the street and on either side of the lot.)

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