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  3. 100 Winnacunnet Road Hampton, NH 03842
  4. Application For:
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  6. Type of Hearing:
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  8. Please submit Eight (8) copies of the application and plans along with a brief cover letter explaining the project. Please complete this form along with the accompanying Submittal Checklist. All applicable items must be submitted by the submission deadline for consideration.
  9. Complete Address of Property for Application
  10. Is this property now or was this property ever leased land?
    If Yes, please attach a copy of the original Deed from the Town and schedule an appointment with the Town Planner.
  11. Aquifer Protection District*
    Refer to Section 2.5.4 of the Hampton Zoning Regulations
  12. Are you also applying for a Conditional Use Permit as required per Section 2.5.4.F?*
    Please provide a written findings of fact for the requirements listed in Section 2.5.4.F on a separate page.
  13. Site Plan Review:
  14. Is Public Sewer Service Available?*
  15. Is Public Water Service Available?*
  16. Subdivision
  17. Is public sewer service available?*
  18. Is public water service available?*
  19. Is a new roadway proposed?*
    If Yes, submit a request for Naming of Street form to the Board of Selectmen
  20. Notice:
    I certify that this application and the accompanying plans and supporting information have been prepared in conformance with the Hampton Site Plan and Subdivision Regulations, Zoning Ordinance, and all other applicable regulations. Furthermore, in accordance with RSA 676:4, I agree to pay all costs associated with the review of this application.
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