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Hampton Planning Board Use Change Review

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  2. Hampton Planning Board Use Change Review
  3. 100 Winnacunnet Road Hampton, NH 03842
  4. See Section III.B of the Site Plan Review Regulations for Use Change Review requirement. It is the Applicant's responsibility to submit an appropriate plan in accordance with the Regulations. Submission requirements are found in Appendix A of the Site Plan Review Regulations. Applications must meet the requirements of Article III (Use Regulation) and Article VI (Parking) of the Hampton Zoning Ordinance. In order to be placed on the Planning Board agenda, a complete application must be submitted to the Planning Office no later than 12:00 PM 5 BUSINESS DAYS (excluding Holidays) prior to the meeting. For additional information, please contact the Planning Office at (603)-929-5913 or visit the Town website at
  5. Submittal Requirements
    1) Application fee payable to the Town of Hampton 2) 8 copies of the application and sketch and/or plan of the property containing the required information. a) Present and proposed parking facilities (to conform to the requirements of Article VI). b) A sketch of the property showing street frontage, building location, parking, driveways, traffic flow, loading spaces and walkways. c) Location, description, and size of existing and/or proposed signs. d) Physical changes to the exterior of the structure including color changes and lighting. 3) Letter of Authorization, if applicant is not property owner and/or an agent represents owner.
  6. Is the Proposed Use Change to be the Primary Use of the Property?
  7. Is the Use Change Request Subordinate to the Main Use?
  8. Is the Use Change an additional Use For the Property?
  9. Is the Structure Currently ADA Compliant for Accessibility?
  10. Is the Property in the Aquifer Protection District?
  11. Are you Also Applying for a Conditional Use Permit as Required per Section 2.5.4.F of the Hampton Zoning Ordinance?
  12. Please Provide a Written Finding of Fact for the Requirements Listed in Section 2.5.4.F on a Separate Page
  13. Signature of Applicant
  14. Date
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