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Liquefied Petroleum Gas Storage Tank(s) Installation Permit Application

  1. Permit is required for the installation of an Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) container exceeding 30 gallons individual water capacity or combined containers exceeding 60 gallons water capacity.
  2. For underground tank installations pictures must be submitted to the Fire Prevention Bureau. Be sure pictures:
    • Indicate the measurements in feet the distance of the liquefied petroleum storage tank(s) to building(s) and nearest lotline(s), other structures, sources of ignition and openings into buildings.
    • Site plan showing building(s), lot lines and tank location. This plan can be hand drawn.
    • Show supply line(s) from tank to building(s)
  3. Installations
    Temporary installations (under 30 days) still require a drawing to be on file at the fire department within five days after installation which addresses all of the above items. No permit or permit fee is required for temporary installations.

    Installation shall comply with NFPA 1, and NFPA 58, (editions as adopted by New Hampshire Fire Code SAF-C-6000 and local ordinance).

    Please note, all gas piping and device installations require an additional permit from the Building Department.
  4. Permit Fee
    A permit fee of $50 must be made payable, by check, to the Town of Hampton. No work shall begin until a permit has been issued. All permit requests will require a 48 hour minimum notice.
  5. 48 hour minimum from receipt of application
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