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Sign Permit Application

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  2. Application for Sign Permit

  3. 100 Winnacunnet Road Hampton, NH 03842

  4. Description / Use of Property:

  5. Wetlands: does the proposed project fall within the Town's 50-foot wetland buffer or the 100-foot State wetland buffer?

  6. Leased Land: Is this property now or was this property ever leased land? (if yes, attach a copy of the original Deed from the Town)

  7. Type of Construction:

  8. Where the Permit should be mailed:*

  9. Provide the following information with this application:

  10. Freestanding Signs: Minimum 8 1/2 x 11 Plot Plan showing existing building and proposed location of the new sign showing setbacks from all property lines, as well as any and all wetlands and wetland buffer areas. A detailed design drawing of the proposed sign showing dimenstional measurements (height & width) and the total square footage of the sign itself.

  11. All Other Signs and Banners: Drawing and/or photo of proposed sign and/or banner showing dimensional measurement (height & width) and total square footage. Description of where sign or banner is to be mounted.


  13. Value of Construction: I hereby certify, under penalty of perjury, that all statements given hereon are truthful and accurate, and that the cost of construction, alteration or remodeling (including labor and materials is:

  14. I agree to comply with the Town of Hampton's Building and Zoning Ordinance and all work will be constructed in accordance with the New Hampshire State Building Code and related Codes as adopted and in accordance with the plans submitted.

  15. I, The Applicant, do also herby certify that the above project shall not in any way violate any deed restrictions, rights of way, or easements applicable to the property and that I, the Applicant, for myself and my heirs, successors and assigns , do hereby agree to indemnify and hold the Town of Hampton harmless in the event any such restrictions, rights of way, or easements are violated by this project.

  16. For Department Use Only

  17. Zoning Board Approval Required:

  18. Planning Board Approval Required

  19. Deed Restrictions

  20. Application Approved

  21. Leave This Blank: