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New Home & New Commercial Building Permit Application


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    2. Application for New Home & New Commercial Building Permit

    3. 100 Winnacunnet Road Hampton, NH 03842

    4. The following information and documentation must be provided with application

    5. Attached

    6. N/A

    7. 1. Permit Application must be filled out in entirety

    8. 2. Complete structural detailed plans with elevations and floor plans. Any TGIs/LVLs/trusses etc. require spec sheets to be attached

    9. 3. Minimum 8 1/2 x 11 plot plan showing existing and proposed structures and setbacks from all property lines, as well as any and all wetlands and wetland buffer delineations

    10. 4. State of New Hampshire stamped and approved ResCheck or COMcheck.

    11. 5. Driveway Permit issued by Department of Public Works

    12. 6. Sewer Permit issued by DPW or approved septic design by State of New Hampshire

    13. 7. Fire Department approval and permits (is sprinkler system required?)

    14. 8. Existing lot of record (copy of Deed with recording date)

    15. 9. If property is now, or was ever, leased land, attach a copy of the original Deed from the Town

    16. 10. Planning Board or Zoning Board of Adjustment approvals and conditions attached.

    17. 11. State or Local Wetland and Special Permits requried with approvals and conditions attached

    18. 12. Pre-Flood Elevation Certificate attached, where applicable

    19. 13. Elevation showing proposed structure complying with the maximum height requirement allowed in the applicable zone from finished grade

    20. 14. Impact Fee

    21. NEW HOME: Processing Fee $75.00 plus $5.00 per thousand, or any portion thereof, ov value of construction to be submitted with application.

    22. NEW COMMERCIAL: Processing Fee $100.00 plus $5.00 per thousand, or any portion thereof, of value of construction to be submitted with application.

    23. Permits expire one year from issue date. Permit shall become invalid if work has not commenced within six months after issuance of permit (IBC 105.5) and no refunds will be given. If work is not completed within one year from issue date this permit must be renewed.


    25. Description and Type of Construction

    26. Leased Land: Is this property now or was this property ever leassed land? (if yes, attach a copy of the original Deed from the Town)

    27. Wetlands: Does the proposed project fall within the Town's 50-foot or 100-foot wetland buffer? (Questions? Contact Conservatikon Coordinator - 603-929-5808)

    28. Flood Zone: Does this property fall within a Flood Zone? (If yes, indicate what zone)

    29. Where the Permit should be mailed

    30. I hereby certify, under penatly of perjury, that all statemenet given hereon are truthful and accurate, and that the cost of construction, alteration or remodeling (including labor and materials) is:

    31. I agree to comply with the Town of Hampton's Building and Zoning Ordinance and all work will be constructed in accordance with the New Hampshire State Building Code and related Codes as adopted and in accordance with the plans submitted.

    32. I, The Applicant, do also herby certify that the above project shall not in any way violate any deed restrictions, rights of way, or easements applicable to the property and that I, the Applicant, for myself and my heirs, successors and assigns , do hereby agree to indemnify and hold the Town of Hampton harmless in the event any such restrictions, rights of way, or easements are violated by this project.

    33. For Department Use Only

    34. Zoning Board Approval Required:

    35. Planning Board Approval Required

    36. Fire Department Approval Required

    37. Conservation Board Approval Required

    38. Deed Restrictions

    39. Application Approved