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Demolition Permit Application

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  2. Application for Demolition Permit
  3. 100 Winnacunnet Road Hampton, NH 03842
  4. In the event thre is NO Mortgagee / Lien Holder then the following certificate is required by the owner. I hereby certifiy that there are no mortgages and that I own the property free and clear of any mortgage.
  5. Signatures from the following departments:
  6. Abestos Survey - Please attach copy of survey to this form.
  7. Conservation Commission (603-929-5808)
  8. State Permit Required
  9. Special Permit Required
  10. Type of property
  11. Where the Permit should be mailed
  12. I agree to comply with all local, state, and national codes relative to the demolition and disposition of all hazardous and non-hazardous material and provide documentation of proper disposal by a Certified Abatement Contractor.
  13. I further certify that I will hold the Town of Hampton harmless and indemnify the Town of Hampton from any claims arising out of the demolition.
  14. For Department Use Only
  15. Fee $50
  16. Application Approved
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