Parking in Hampton

The Town of Hampton offers parking for Residents and Visitors. The parking lots are enforced by the Parking Enforcement Division of the Hampton Police Department.

Visitors can park in the 3 Town of Hampton operated lots at Hampton Beach. They are Ashworth Ave, Island Path, and Church St. These are the only 3 Parking Lots operated by the Town of Hampton. Any other Parking lot at Hampton Beach is either privately owned and operated or owned and operated by the State of New Hampshire. If you have any issues with parking for the State owned meters, spaces and lots please contact the State of New Hampshire by calling 603-271-2411.  For all information regarding parking at the beach, follow this link or select "Parking at Hampton Beach" in the Left Column.

If you are a Resident, all Residential Parking information can be found here. Note: the below information is required to obtain a residential sticker for parking in the designated residential parking lots.

Transfer Station & Beach Parking Stickers:  To obtain a resident sticker we will need the following:

  • If you own property and your vehicle is registered out of town, we need a copy of your tax bill and your vehicle registration(s)
  • If you are interested in purchasing the decorative sticker for $10.00 (the money goes to the Recreation Department for scholarships to participate in Recreation Department programs) please CLICK HERE.

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