The Barkley Property

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The Barkley Property includes wooded uplands, Nilus Brook, and the Grist Mill Pond. The property is a highly-ranked wildlife corridor and habitat and it is part of Hampton’s Aquifer Protection Zone.

The Barkley Family had many options with their 22 acre plot of undeveloped land on North Shore Road, but thanks to their generosity and their dedication to conservation and environmental integrity, the Hampton Conservation Commission is in the process of obtaining this stunning plot of open space and conserving it forever with a conservation easement.

The Conservation Commission has contributed $80,000 and continues to apply for grants to cover the cost of purchase of this land, but we need your help! The remaining cost will be $175,750, or less with successful fundraising and grant applications.

Please consider making a thoughtful donation to help conserve this land forever.

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Why is conserving undeveloped land important?

Undeveloped land is a unique resource that offers extensive beneficial ecological functions.  In Hampton, our undeveloped land helps keep our wetlands healthy by acting as a filter for sediments and pollution and also by acting as a sponge for water storage during unusually high tides or times of high precipitation.   In turn, this ensures healthy habitats for fish and other flora and fauna  and keeps our drinking water safe.  Preserving the beauty of undeveloped land allows community members and visitors to enjoy not only the aesthetics but also the measurable health benefits of spending time outside, for generations to come.IMG_9428

What is the Barkley Property like?

This property checks off all of the boxes of ecological value.  It includes part of Nilus Brook and the Grist Mill Pond as well as wooded upland.  The full property is a significant regional wildlife corridor, as identified by The Nature Conservancy through the Connect the Coast project. In Hampton, only 17% of the identified wildlife corridors and prioritized habitat blocks are conserved. The New Hampshire Fish and Game’s Wildlife Action Plan identified portions of the Barkley property as a Highest Ranked Habitat in the Biological Region and includes some Supporting Landscapes. 

The property also plays a highly significant role in Hampton with respect to flood storage capacity and protection of the Town’s drinking water resources. The entire property is within the Well Head Protection Area and approximately half of the acreage is in Hampton’s Aquifer Protection Zone. In addition to providing protection of a valuable Town of Hampton water resource, flood storage capacity, preserving a wildlife corridor and conserving valuable land, the Property will offer carefully developed trails, providing passive recreational and educational opportunities to Town residents and visitors.

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