Employee/Retiree Health Insurance Benefit Information

The Town of Hampton offers health and dental benefits to eligible  full-time  employees and their dependents. 

Click on a link below to view a printable PDF of the “Summary of Benefits and Coverage” (SBC) describing the benefits and limitations of coverage for each health plan. A hard copy can also be provided, upon request.

NOTE: If you would like a copy of the 2022 "Summary of Benefits and Coverage" that is in effect until January 1, 2023, please contact the Human Resource Office.

Current Employees 

Health Trust Benefits Overview for 2023 - this is a large file so it may take a few seconds to load

2023 Health & Dental Premium Rates

Employee Premium Contribution Percentage

2023 Access Blue New England HMO - AB15IPDED(01L)-RX10/20/45/3K(L)

2023 Blue Choice POS $5 Co-pay - BC3T5RDR(01L)-RX10/20/45/3K(L)  

2023 Blue Choice POS $20 Co-pay - BC3T20(01L)-RX10/20/45/3K(L)

Prescription Plan Rx10-20-45

Premium Assistance Under Medicaid and the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP) Notice   


MediComp Three Benefit Packet

2023 Access Blue New England HMO - AB15IPDED(01L)-RX10/20/45/3K(L)

2023 Blue Choice POS $5 Co-pay - BC3T5RDR(01L)-RX10/20/45/3K(L)

Prescription Plan Rx10-20-45

 Delta Dental

Outline of Benefits

Dental Plan Description

Delta Dental Vision and Hearing Discount Benefit Plan

Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is available for all employees, retirees, dependents and household members to help manage stressful situations that could impact their physical or mental health. It can connect you to appropriate experts, whether you need to talk to a lawyer, a financial planner or certified public accountant, a licensed counselor, someone who can assist them in finding caregiving help for your child or aging parent, household help, or other services. 

The Health Trust also provides many other benefits and programs. For information on how you can enroll in the HealthTrust’s Secure Enrollee Portal (SEP)  please click HERE. The SEP provides a way for you and your family members to fully understand your benefit plans and take advantage of all the programs and services available through HealthTrust. 

Slice of Life Wellness Program - Earn up to $475 in wellness incentive rewards plus a $100 fitness device credit! 

Aware In-Home Recovery Care

CVS Caremark Benefits

Grand Rounds for Complex Medical Care Needs

Lark Diabetes Prevention Program

Live Health Online - see a doctor 24/7 without an appointment, or a therapist or psychiatrist by appointment, from the privacy of your home or anywhere you have a computer or mobile device with a webcam. Doctors can answer questions, make a diagnosis and even prescribe basic medications when needed. 

SmartShopper Flyer - use SmartShopper before your appointment to find out how much providers in your area charge for that service. Go to a cost-effective provider and you can receive a cash reward!