Planning Board Public Hearings - October 7, 2020

Planning Board Public Hearings - October 7, 2020

The October 7, 2020 Planning Board meeting will be held via teleconference service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since there is no physical location to observe and listen contemporaneously to this meeting, the Planning Board wishes to assist the public by providing links to the plans and/or graphics submitted by applicants for Public Hearing items.

Please click on an application below to access the corresponding plan and/or graphic.


20-047   Bonnie Lane                           

Map:  165        Lot:  1

Applicant: Aquarion Water Company of NH

Owner of Record: Same.

Site Plan and Conditional Use Permit: Construction of water treatment plant consisting of a 66 ft x 52 ft water treatment plant with underground utilities, concrete containment pad, storm water infiltration basins and repaving of the existing roadway. 


20-041   24 Battcock Avenue                            

Map:  281    Lot:  70

Applicant: Cheryl Stockford

Owner of Record: Cheryl & Michael Stockford

Wetlands Permit: Placement of 8 'x 8' shed on northwesterly corner of existing gravel driveway. Placement is 46' from the marsh/wetlands.


20-042   34 & 30 Gale Road                        

Maps: 34 & 34      Lots:  4-25 & 4-26

Applicant: Jeffrey Remick

Owner of Records: Jeffrey & Erica Remick (34) & Harold & Linda Sadlock, Trustees (30)

Lot Line Adjustment: Transfer 2,075 sq. feet from 30 Gale Road to 34 Gale Road

Waiver Request:  Section V.E. Detailed Plans


20-043   12 Nor’East Lane                       

Map:  99    Lot:  8

Applicant: Nor’East Lane Irrevocable Trust

Owner of Record: Same

Wetlands Permit: Repositioning of stones (bottom two steps) due to storm activity to prevent unsafe access to the beach. Stones to be pinned to prevent future storm displacement


20-044   75 Mill Road                                    

Map:  162  Lot:  13

Applicant:  Mark & Kimberly Olson

Owner of Record: Kimberly Olson

Conditional Use Permit for ADU: Conversion of approximately 740 square foot (previous flower shop space) to ADU (attached to existing home)


20-045   30, 34 & 36 River Avenue            

Map:  296  Lot:  157

Applicant: Nana Beach Realty LLC

Owner of Record: Same

Condominium Conversion: Convert three existing residential units (one single structure and one two-unit structure all on one lot) into condominium form of ownership.

Waiver Request: Section V.E Detailed Plans