Planning Board Public Hearings - April 7, 2021

Planning Board Public Hearings - April 7, 2021

The April 7, 2021 Planning Board meeting will be held via teleconference service due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Since there is no physical location to observe and listen contemporaneously to this meeting, the Planning Board wishes to assist the public by providing links to the plans and/or graphics submitted by applicants for Public Hearing items.

Please click on an application below to access the corresponding plan and/or graphic.


20-060    144 Ashworth Ave; 6, 8 & 10 Riverview Terrace & 6 Johnson Ave.               

Site Plan: Merging of lots 66 and 73 to expand the existing restaurant (Wally's Pub). New four-season addition to include additional bathrooms, additional dining space & abundance of air flow for patrons.  Waiver Request: Section VE. Detailed Plans.

21-012     12 Epping Avenue                    

Site Plan: Demolish existing building and reconstruct a new 2-unit building. The rear building will remain unchanged. Waiver Request - Section V.E. Detailed Plans

21-013       51 Hobson Avenue                      

Wetlands Permit: Raise existing house & deck. Proposed deck to be at elevation 16.1 to allow a 2-car garage underneath. Use existing foundation and set the house on columns resting on existing foundation. Pavement to west side to be removed and loamed and seeded.

21-014     72 & 74 Island Path                

Condominium Conversion (Amended): Amend original (subdivision) approval from 2018 that created this condominium to show a revised Unit 1 and parking configuration. Waiver Request: Section V.E. Detailed Plans

21-015     72 & 74 Island Path                

Wetlands Permit (Amended): Amended Wetlands Permit due to different house location and size (reduction). (Previous WP approved 2/19/20). 

21-016   212 Lafayette Road                       

Design Review: Design review for subdivision to contain one duplex on each lot. (to be condominiumized)

21-017   137 Landing Road                     

Wetlands Permit: Demolish existing fish shack & boat storage pole barn and construct a more conforming structure. Abandon well and septic and connect to Town water and sewer on Landing Road.

21-018   13 Atlantic Avenue                     

Condominium Conversion: Convert 4 residential units into condominium form of ownership. Waiver Request: Section V.E. Detailed Plans.

21-019   61 High Street                           

Site Plan (Amended): Propose to make outdoor patio space (previously approved for Covid-19) permanent. Waiver Request: Section V.E. Detailed Plans.