Plan Review Committee



            The Plan Review Committee (PRC) is hereby established to assist the Planning Board in reviewing Site Plan/Subdivision applications and plans. The PRC reviews proposals for compliance with Town regulations and advises the applicant of any potential issues that may arise as the project moves forward.  The PRC provides the applicant with an overview of the entire approval process, so that the applicant is aware of the steps in the process from the submittal of the application to the final release of escrow.  PRC review also ensures that the various Town Departments (and abutters) are aware of the new projects and potential impacts each Department and the Town.

The PRC shall be composed of the Town Planner (who shall act as Chairman), the Director of Public Works or representative of the Department of Public Works as designated by the Director, the Fire Chief or a representative of the Fire Department as designated by the Fire Chief, the Police Chief or a representative of the Police Department as designated by the Police Chief, the Building Inspector, the Conservation Coordinator or other representative as designated by the Conservation Commission and the Planning Board’s engineer.

All site plan and/or subdivision applications, except minor subdivisions (2 lots or less), must first go through the plan review process.  An applicant will not be scheduled for a public hearing before the Planning Board until the plan review process has been completed.  Eight copies of the application, along with the application fee must be submitted by the Submission Date.  Single labels (one for each abutter) shall also be provided to the Planning Department so that abutters can be informed of said PRC meeting.  Abutters (and anyone from the public) may attend PRC meetings, but not address the PRC members with any comments, questions or concerns.  Comments, questions or concerns can be addressed by the public to the Planning Board at its monthly meeting(s).

The Chairman of the PRC is authorized to determine the scope of the review and whether a formal meeting of the PRC is necessary.

When deemed necessary by the Chairman of the PRC, additional meetings of the PRC may be scheduled to ensure all aspects of a proposed project are properly analyzed prior to submittal of recommendations to the Board.

Adopted by the Planning Board – December 21, 2011