Conservation Warrant Articles

Proposed Zoning Ordinance Amendments

Warrant Article #4:  Article II – Districts, Section 2.3.1 Purposes and Section 2.3.2 B Definitions – Inland Wetland

  1.  Amend the "Purposes" section to include vernal pools in the list of areas protected by the Wetland Conservation District.
  2. Update the “Inland Wetlands” definition to include examples of inland wetlands such as non-tidal portions of ponds, rivers, and streams. 

Warrant Article #5: Amend the following sections in Article II to create a 100' buffer for 7 rivers and streams.

  1. Amend Article II – Districts, Section 2.3.2 E Definitions – Buffer to add a 100’ buffer and specify the list select 1st – 4th Order streams or rivers (Ash Brook, Drakes River, Little River, Nilus Brook, Old River, Taylor River, and Winnicut River). 
  2. Amend Article II – Districts, Section 2.3.3 Permitted Uses to add a new section that covers the permitted uses within the 1st through 4th order streams and their buffers.
  3. Amended Article II – Districts, Section 2.3.4 Use Restrictions and Prohibited Uses (B, D, and F) to include appropriate references and clarifications with regards to the 1st through 4th order streams and its 100’ buffer. 
  4. Lastly amend Article II – Districts, Appendix to include a reference to the accepted scientific paper that established stream order.

Warrant Article #6 : Amend Article II – Districts, Section 2.3.7 Special Provisions (C1 and C2)
                               Add a sentence that states that all proposed development within the contiguous area shall not
                               result in any permanent impacts to the Wetland Conservation District.

  • Overview – The added language clarifies the expectation that all proposed development must be contained within the contiguous area. 
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Additional Warrant Articles

Warrant Article 31 – Conservation Land Fund

Shall the Town of Hampton vote to raise and appropriate the sum of $20,000 to be placed in the Hampton Conservation Fund; this fund is used to “acquire, maintain, improve, protect or limit the future use of, or otherwise conserve and properly utilize,” open spaces and conservation easements in Hampton in accordance with RSA 36-A: Sections 1 through 4, inclusive. Recent acquisitions such as the Batchelder Farm Conservation Easement, have significantly reduced the size of the Fund. The goal is to return the Fund to adequate levels to enable the Commission to conserve additional lands on behalf of the Town of Hampton. The Conservation Fund also contains previously approved appropriations or gifts, that are yet to be spent, for the same or similar purposes that have been made to the “Conservation Commission Accumulation Fund,” the “Conservation Land Fund,” and the “Conservation Land Acquisition Fund?” (Majority vote required)