Permit Determination

Are you working near a pond, wetland, stream, salt marsh, or the ocean?

Then you need to determine which permits are needed before any work begins

If your property abuts a salt mash, pond, stream or mucky area; if there is standing water at any time of the year within 50 feet of your project; and/or if your project entails crossing a stream or wet area, you may need a State Wetlands Permit, a State Shoreland Permit and/or a Town Special Permit for your project.

The Town's Wetland Regulations are found on Page 17 of the Zoning Ordinance here

The following flow charts are helpful guides for determining which permits are necessary for your project.  Every project scope and location is different. 

Tidal Work

Blue Heron Wading in Shallow Waters

Freshwater Work

Lily Pads Cover the Water's Surface

If you have any questions, as to whether or not a particular permit is needed, please contact the specific agency for further clarification