Cart Information


Remember your trash and recycling carts are to be placed at the curbside for collection only on the scheduled day of collection or the evening before collection and shall not block sidewalks, driveways or create obstacles on the street that would hinder safe passage by any person or conveyance. Carts must be separated by a few feet and placed with the front facing the curb (as indicated on the cart).


Upon collection, the cart(s) are to be removed to an appropriate location for the address and not left at the collection point. If possible, an appropriate location could be where the carts are not visible from the street. Repeated offenses will be reported for further action, which may include loss of curbside collection services.


  • Trash and recycling carts will be available at a charge for new residential property owners. Carts may be exchanged for a different size if the cart is returned clean and undamaged.
  • With the exception of the following situations property owners will be required to pay for replacement carts:
    • Cart is damaged by town crews during the collection process
  • If the cart is damaged please contact the Transfer Station at 603-929-5930.

Cart Service Locations

The link below contains a list of addresses in Hampton, NH where carts have been issued, purchased and/or approved for collection.  As carts are damaged, returned, lost, stolen or issued this list is frequently updated.