Hampton Fire Chief Helmet SketchFire Chief

The Fire Chief is the executive officer of the Fire Department reporting to the Town Manager and is responsible for the planning, directing, controlling and staffing of all activities of the department within fiscal constraints and policies as set by the Town Manager and the Board of Selectman.

Deputy Fire Chief

The Deputy Fire Chief is responsible for all planning, organizing, coordinating and directing of the deployment operations of the department. These duties apply at any emergencies that arise. The Deputy also maintains responsibility for personnel management of fire department members.

Department Secretary

The Department Secretary:

  • Maintains an accounting of the fire department budget
  • Maintains all personnel records
  • Prepares payroll
  • Provides secretarial and clerical support for the Chief, Deputy Chief, Shift Officers

The Secretary also maintains all records of injuries, prepares workman's compensation forms, coordinates necessary information for ambulance billing, and prepares notices in accordance with the needs of the administrative staff.