Channel 22


  • To make public proceedings more accessible to Town of Hampton residents by providing live and or videotaped coverage of town meetings and of the various boards via cable television.
  • To increase community awareness of the Town and schools providing information on projects, developmental goals and services.
  • To promote specisl events in the community sponsored by the town, school and civic organizations.
  • To provide more extensive information on selected town topics and activities nto fully covered by existing communications media.
  • To supplement public safety and disaster preparedness activities/info pertaining to the Town of Hampton and surrounding communities.  

Programming Guidelines:

  • Programming content will not contain any obscene, indecent, libelous or slanderous matter.
  • Programming will contain nothing which is subject to copyright, except where applicant demonstrates compliance with applicable laws.
  • Programming will contain no commercial matter.
  • Channel 22 will not provide airtime for political programming by individual candidates, or supporters of any candidate or issue, except as otherwise stated here.  
  • Political programming related to political candidate forums (where all candidates for a particular office have equal opportunity to participate) or public forums on a ballot issue (where all sides have an equal opportunity to participate) may be cablecast. 
  • Factual informaiton on any ballot issue directly affecting Hampton voters will be permitted.