Permitting Process

Completing the Town Wetlands Permit Application

View a copy of the Town Wetlands Permit (PDF)

Application Requirements

  1. Design/Plot Plan (JPG) – Bird’s eye view of your property
  2. Plan must include the following features
    • Edge of the wetland or Highest Observable Tide Line (PDF)
    • Include the following structures with dimensions: existing building including decks and stairs, accessories structures such as sheds, gazebos, patios, and retaining walls, and driveways and walkways (indicate the material i.e. asphalt, stone, or dirt)
    • Lot corners
  3. Delineation of the 50-foot buffer line
    • In any instance where there is doubt as to the location of the wetlands boundary or Highest Observable Tide Line the burden of proof shall be on the applicant or property owner to show the proper location of the boundary.  Evidence shall be obtained by on-site investigation and analysis conducted by a New Hampshire Certified Soil Scientist or other New Hampshire certified wetlands scientist.
  4. If the applicant and/or agent are not the owners, a letter of authorization must accompany the application.
  5. A Town of Hampton Assessor list of names and mailing addresses of all abutters.
  6. Public notification “abutter” fees as listed in the Fee Calculation Worksheet

Submitting Application

Once you have completed the State and/or Town applications, file the State application with the Town Clerk and the Town application at the Planning Office in Town Hall. If State and Town permits are needed, you must submit both applications at the same time.

Attend a Conservation Commission Meeting

Once the application has been submitted your next step is to attend a Conservation Commission Meeting (PDF).